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Seresto Flea Collar for Large Dogs


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Product Description
  • Easy to use, non-greasy, odorless flea & tick protection, in a convenient 8-month collar
  • Kills and repels fleas and ticks through contact. No biting required
  • Veterinarian Recommended
  • Water-resistant, No need to remove for swimming or bathing
  • Economical: Compare the cost of monthly treatments to Seresto
  • For dogs and puppies over 7 weeks and above 18 pounds
  • 27.5" collar

We stock Seresto for Small Dogs and Cats too!

Truly unique technology for your dog

Seresto® is a unique polymer matrix collar that offers a continuous supply of two active ingredients: imidacloprid and flumethrin for effective 8-month protection against fleas and ticks. That's one convenient, non-greasy, odorless flea and tick collar instead of 8 monthly treatments.

The active ingredients are stored within the collar. They are released in low concentrations and are distributed over your dog's hair and skin surface for 8 months. As active ingredients wear off over time, Seresto® for dogs continuously replenishes the skin and coat with a new supply of active ingredients. Fleas and ticks are killed through contact with the active ingredients — no biting required.

Questions (69)
My dogs rough house all the time, grabbing at the neck sometimes. Is it safe for them to use?
Seresto has been extensively tested for its safety, including pets chewing on the collar or ingesting the entire collar. As the vast majority of active ingredients are bound in the collar matrix and not on the surface, the only side effect recorded after ingesting a full collar was a mild stomach upset (e.g. loose stools), which was resolved within 24 hours.
Have a large Mareema puppy 5months old 21kgs what size collar have you that will still fit in 8 months?
Seresto Large Dogs will fit. It's 27.5 inch and is adjustable.
I have 4 cats that rub and snuggle with my 5 dogs... I know some dog flea products can kill cats. Are your collars safe to use on dogs who are in close contact with cats?
Seresto is completely safe for cats, in fact there is Seresto for cats.
Our large dogs got sprayed by skunks with the collars on. Do we have to throw away the collars. They smell and are saturated. Or can we wipe them down with a solution.
It shouldn't interfere with its effectiveness, however it is good idea to keep an eye on it.
I would like to know if i take it off for a while would it be ok. Should I need to use it for a 8 months period? What happens if I kiss my dog or hug him? Would it be safe for me? It looks so uncomfortable for my dog I feel like it would hurt him while he sleeps. Thank you in advance.
I had one on my Golden Retriever and I still kiss & hug him every day! You can take it off for a while but it's not recommended.
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Pat Gartman
A GREAT product at a GREAT price!!
The best flea and tick product that I have found!! It lasts for 8 months so I get GREAT value for my money!
C. Mitchell
Seresto Review
Seresto collars have kept our Labrador Retriever flea and tick-free since we have been using it!
Great Product
I have used Seresto flea collars for 3 years and I am very pleased with them. Last year I had 9 dogs and not one flea or tick. We have lots of flea carrying wildlife go through our farm, so having the collars that do last 8 months is great. Not having to do monthly
Love them!
Have not had a flea or tick since I put them on. 2 labs. 8 acres that they run in.
Diane Deardoff
3 acres of heavily wooded playground & no ticks or fleas
Our Border Collies Have 3 acres of heavy tree and brush growth to chase rabbits and squirrels all day long... they get into some stickers but Seresto collars keep them free of ticks and fleas. This will be their 2nd season and we are sold on Seresto :)