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Anti-scratch Cat Tape for Furniture - Stop Cat from Scratching Couch,Corners of Chair,Door Frame, Counter Tops and Carpet - Clear Double Sided Tape for Cat Scratching Cat Training Tape 2.5 inches x 16 Yard


Effective cat scratch prevention tape: This anti cat scratch tape is very effective in preventing the cat from scratching the furniture,window screens or carpets. Cats don't like the sticky feeling of the cat sticky tape, so they were trained not to scratch the spot where your apply the cat scratching tape!


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Product Description
Size:2.5" x 16 Yards


Question 1: Are you bothered by the cat scratching problem

Question 2: How to stop cats from scratching furniture


Congratulations! You've come to the right place! This anti scratch cat training tape was born to solve the cat-scratch problem.

Stick the tape where you want it, like your couch, doorframes, door jamb,carpet,and walls, the cat won't scratch it anymore! You might wonder why, the answer is simple: Cats are very sensitive to the stickiness of the cat scratch tape!


Magical cat furniture protector

Cats need to scratch in order to remove old layers of claw, build the muscles in their body,also works as a way for cat to mark their territory.But is there anyway to keep cats off counter and the furniture

Yes! This double sided tape is designed for cats! It's totally non-toxic,very safe for your kitten,It's a lifesaver for your furniture! Leave the cat to scratch scratching post now!


Simple Installation


Step 1 , Ensuring the tape wont damage your surface,apply a small test strip,if damage occurs,remove the tape and contact us for refund

Step 2 , Clean the surface before taping,make sure that area is clean and free of dust

Step 3 , Apply the tape

Step 4 , Peel off the white backing paper


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